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How To Approach An Older Lady Online

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Ok, so your into mature ladies….I mean REALLY mature ladies. Nothing wrong with that! I mean, it’s not like they are “under age” or anything. I am here to tell you that they absolutely DO make great sex partners, IF you approach them the right way.

What’s the right way you ask? Well for starters, just be a gentleman. Don’t send them pictures of your cock and balls, and then wonder why they don’t respond. That’s just crass. Listen up guys, DON’T lead with your genitals!

Send a pic of you showing your face, fully clothed, no nude pics. They have to warm up to you first! Don’t start with the sex angle. They know darn well that you want to have sex with them, otherwise you would not be on an “adult” dating site. But you have to play it cool, and kinda “court them” so to speak.

Ask them about themselves, listen, and also be willing to talk about yourself as well, and again, DO NOT lead with your sexual interests, just let that arise in casual chat or conversation. Women of all ages do not want to think of themselves as cheap or slutty, so don’t make them feel that way.

IF in the heat of passion, a woman acts that way, then fine, but don’t assume that women normally respond to being treated like cheap sluts. They don’t! Learn to relax and not be too aggressive with an older woman.

Treat them with dignity, and make them comfortable whether you are writing to them or actually on a date with one. You may be ravenously horny and want to screw her brains out, but again……play it cool, take your time, and let the sexual tension build between you.
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Be honest about your desires and the sexual attraction you have toward older women, but be ready to be gentle and reassuring so that she is not nervous or apprehensive about dating you, OR possibly being intimate with you. Don’t lie about what you actually want. If it’s basically just sex, then say so.

That may turn her off, BUT it’s always better to be honest. Women value honesty in a man, and if she does not want a primarily physical relationship then she may well pass you by.

However if she is ok with that, then she will know you are a man who is not playing games with her, and she will be willing to trust you. Dealing with women is not rocket science. Think about how YOU want to be treated. Do you want a woman who plays head games with you, and jerks you around?

Of course you don’t, so don’t do that with the women you meet and date. Be a gentleman, be honest, and considerate. That will get you more action than being the smart ass Casanova who is all hands before he even knows her name!

Online dating sites of course are the best places to find willing older women. Why??? Because they posted an adult oriented ad in a dating site that is not at all subtle about the fact that it is for people to find sex partners.

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Women…..even older women still need and want sex, but you have to go about it in a classy and respectful way. As I said before though, you have to go slow and not rush them. In the end it will be worth it, because you have a good chance of finding a steady sex partner that can provide you with a lot of pleasure and excitement.

For those of you who have not been intimate with an older woman (I am talking in the 55-70 year old age range) you don’t know what you are missing. They tend to be a bit insecure about their bodies (which they feel are very un-sexy).

Here you have an opportunity to reassure the woman that you find her attractive and sexy. Your raging hardon would probably be the most honest compliment she could receive (if you get that far).

Also, older women are limited in what they can do, the positions they can comfortably get into for intercourse, and maybe a few things they don’t know about or are uncomfortable with.

Be the confident and gentle teacher, is lots of fun. Don’t push them
to do things they are uncomfortable with either physically or mentally, but again… gentle, confident, and reassuring.

Tell her that it will be fun working around whatever
limitations she has, and that you are looking forward to pleasuring her in the ways that she likes and finds comfortable and non-threatening. There is a thrill in being sexually intimate with a woman old enough to be your mother, that many men understand because they have experienced it.intimacy-with-granny
Remember this is not some 20 something hard-body that you can power-bang all night. This is a sweet cuddly grandma type that you must be gentle and reassuring toward, but the experience will be as rewarding as any you could have.

She will think the whole thing is so naughty and riske and for her it will also be a thrilling adventure, but again, remember you are screwing grandma, not Paris Hilton!

Treat her with respect. Be cordial and even a little proper. Let her know she is safe with you, and that you will at all times treat her like a lady, even when you are having intercourse.

When you make a date, meet at a neutral place, like a restaurant where you can have coffee or even a meal and just talk. Make it somewhere she feels comfortable. Be ready and willing to talk and don’t steer the conversation toward sex 2 minutes into the conversation.

Chances are the first date will NOT end up in bed. Be PATIENT!
Remember that you are trying to establish a rapport and the basis of a relationship where you will have a steady sex partner. Older women do enjoy sex quite a bit, and she will enjoy and look forward to the bedroom action she gets from you.
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It will boost her ego, and make her feel younger that she is being bedded by a younger guy. Get all of this right and you will be able to sink your dick into a warm willing vagina again and again. Let her mount you and watch all that lovely old flesh jiggle as she bounces up and down on your cock.

You may even get her to give you head (wonderful if she takes her false teeth out and gums you). However you must let her progress at her own pace and not push he to do things she is not ready for.

Lastly, remember that because of demographics, there are a ton of single older ladies out there who are NOT getting any action, and who do want and need a man in their bed. Play your cards right and you can be that lucky fellow!