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Very Mature Women Sexually Attract Much Younger Men!

Older women are now very much in the driver’s seat so to speak with regard to their sexual opportunities. Younger men have always lusted after older women, and before the Internet, this was a fact that many older ladies were not aware of.

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Now because of the Internet and dating sites like Senior Sizzle, there are untold opportunities for older ladies to meet horny younger guys and get all the sex they could ever want! There has always been a strong sexual attraction that younger men feel for mature women, and now because of online dating, both younger men and older women are doing something about that!

Now when I speak of older ladies, I don’t just mean ages 30-50. We are also talking about women all the way up to their seventies that are sexually attracting younger men in the 18-30 age range. I had my first sexual experience at age 24 with a 42 year old divorced woman.

It was pure heaven! Since then I have sought out many mature women as sexual partners, and my preferred age range is 55-70’s, with my oldest partner being 71! Dating sites make this possible, and they are some of the best ways to bring very mature ladies and horny young men together for mind blowing sex!

No older woman need ever go without satisfying sex anymore, because there are so many horny well built and attractive younger men that are more than willing to bed a very mature woman. They love maturity and feminine curves, so you ladies that thought you were too fat or your body was too flabby to interest a younger male, will be pleasantly surprised.

What makes a woman sexy is attitude, and younger men know that instinctively! Do not ever be afraid to pursue sexual relationships with younger men because you think that your body would not turn them on…you have no idea how wrong you are!

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Older Women and Younger Men – Why?

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Why would a man prefer an older woman, I mean a MUCH OLDER WOMAN, to have sex with? This is a question that many would ask, but only those who are really into the “older woman experience,” can really answer.

Is it the Oedipus Complex that Freud wrote about? Is it a young man who didn’t get enough attention from his mother? Who knows……! What I DO know is that there are a subgroup of men, I guess you can call them “older woman lovers,” who are intensely attracted sexually to women of advanced ages.

Rather than being turned off by the overweight bodies, and wrinkles of a very mature lady, they are turned on and deliberately seek out these women for sexual activity.

Why is this? To be sure there is no specific explanation, but I suspect that it has to do with the whole concept of naughtiness, that a younger man is not supposed to be sexually involved with a much older woman, and thus there is an element of taboo here.

For me, I think there is an element of control and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I find that typically the older women that I sleep with regard their bodies as being fat, flabby, and unattractive. This gives the man who is into the older woman experience, the ability to be reassuring and affirming of her sexiness.

Personally I love the challenge of making an older woman feel accepted and desired sexually.

I really enjoy getting them to relax, open up, and let their warmth and natural sexuality flourish. The result of this is ALWAYS exciting and rewarding!

Thus I enjoy older women who look and act their age! This is important, because the dynamic in play is one where I have to work to make her feel at ease in my presence and eager to shed her inhibitions and enjoy the sexual experience.

This isn’t always easy. Many older women have very negative associations with their bodies and have pretty much given up on sex because they feel they are “too old,” to be involved in sexual intimacy, especially with younger men.

This is changing however, and more and more older women are embracing their sexuality and allowing themselves to experience sex with men that DO find them desirable. Each man has his preferences, and this includes the men who find older ladies attractive.

I prefer an older lady who is more conservative and less experienced sexually. This allows me to teach and guide her in a gentle and reassuring way, so that I can bring out her natural charm and sexuality!

Some men absolutely prefer young, firm, hot bodies on women. Hey, nothing wrong with that. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a beautiful young woman, BUT a fat, flabby, fleshy, older woman with some wrinkles, but a wonderful attitude and willingness to please is a
treasure of pleasure!

To be enveloped by all that soft warm flesh is a pleasure that has to be felt to be appreciated. Also, c’mon guys….. you know you have secretly lusted after hefty busty ole “Aunt Clara” and wondered what she would look like naked, or how it would feel if you were in bed with her pumping her ripe pussy for all you were worth!

Through my group “Bingo Hall Cougars,” I am trying to get more of you to put your preconceptions aside and embrace the sexuality of the older woman!

Just think of the possibilities for pleasure and enjoyment! Time was not too long ago that older women would not be caught dead with younger men, due to society’s attitudes and their own ideas about the “appropriateness” of inter-generational sex!

But older women are going online in droves now and discovering that there is a whole new world out there of men who DO think they are still sexy. The sexual revolution is finally hitting the last group of people in society that have thus far resisted it…..older

They are changing their ideas about what is acceptable and what is possible for them sexually in the modern world. They are out there in increasing numbers trying to claim their share of sexual attention from men of all ages.

This is a golden opportunity for men who recognize the boundless wealth of sexual pleasure available to them in the bedrooms of older ladies. This is also a call out to all of those men to consider the needs of older women for sexual companionship.

Go forth, find those sexy old cougars, seduce and pleasure them. Gently reassure and encourage them to take pride in and explore their sexuality. They will reward you many times over with some of the hottest most deeply satisfying sexual experiences of your

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